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Last Updated: 09th March, 2024

1. No Guarantees


While Deccan Digital Marketing Agency strives to provide high-quality services, we do not guarantee specific results. The effectiveness of digital marketing strategies can vary based on numerous factors, and outcomes may differ for each client.


2. Information Accuracy


The information provided on our website and in our communications is for general informational purposes only. We make no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, or suitability of this information for any purpose.


3. Third-Party Relationships


Deccan Digital Marketing Agency may engage with third-party vendors, partners, or affiliates. We do not endorse or take responsibility for the services, products, or content provided by these third parties. Any interactions with third parties are subject to their terms and conditions.


4. Website Availability


While we strive to ensure the continuous availability of our website and services, we do not guarantee uninterrupted access. We may temporarily suspend or limit access to the site for maintenance, upgrades, or other reasons.


5. External Links


Our website may contain links to external websites for additional information or resources. We do not endorse the content or practices of these external sites and are not responsible for their privacy policies or terms of use.


6. Client Responsibilities


Clients engaging with Deccan Digital Marketing Agency are responsible for providing accurate information and content for marketing purposes. We are not liable for any consequences resulting from inaccurate or misleading information provided by the client.


7. Changes to Terms


Deccan Digital Marketing Agency reserves the right to modify these disclaimers and notices at any time. It is the responsibility of users and clients to review this page regularly for any updates.


8. Legal Compliance


All users and clients are expected to comply with applicable laws and regulations while using our website and services. Deccan Digital Marketing Agency is not responsible for any legal consequences resulting from the misuse or violation of laws by users or clients.


9. Contact Us


For any questions regarding our disclaimers and notices, please contact us at

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